No classes during August.​

We return 5th Sep. 

Please note :

From Monday 5th September 2022, the cost of training will rise.

Due to increasing costs in the running of the club, we have taken the decision to increase prices, which have not changed in the 6 years since we took over the running of the club.

See "Training Fees" page



2022 DBBAI (Cambs)  Grading dates 

Milton Community Centre

Coles Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6WR

- 1pm start (arrive 12.45pm)

Sunday 20th Nov



Class as normal tonight - bring water and you may wear a t-shirt with uniform trousers/belt. 

Certificates for those who graded (all students passed) will be presented from 25th July. 


The grading is going ahead as planned this Sunday at 1pm, arrive by 1245pm. Allowances will be made for the expected temperatures such as less intensive sessions (very light warm up for example). Water will be available and doors will be open.

Good luck to all students grading.



If you were given a grading form last week or before, you MUST bring it tonight, signed (by a parent if applicable) and the grading fee £20, no form, no grading.

For everyone else....due to the temperatures you may wear T-Shirt tonight (11JULY) to train in.


Master Keerie (7th dan and chief instructor of DBBAI) will be running a seminar to all our Cambourne students during our normal class time on 23rd May.

The seminar will be carried out in a safe and controlled environment on aspects of the human skeletal system and weapons, both aspects that relate to martial arts.

There will be opportunities for students to touch/handle weapons.

Parents are welcome.

There is no additional cost for this.


We will start from tonight to present grading certificates at the end of the class, parents/spectators welcome.


Well done to all our students who successfully graded yesterday.

New belts/tags can now be worn, certificates will be presented from 28th March. 


Good luck to all our students grading today!

Arrive at Milton Community centre by 1245pm for a prompt 1pm start.

There will be some presentations at start of grading.


If you were given a grading form on 7th March class, then you need to return next week with the £20 grading fee.


We are now working towards the next grading on 20th March, we will start pre-testing soon. 

New one-steps videos now available on this site (Videos page).


Classes have resumed after the Xmas/New year break (Monday's - 6.45pm)

Please arrive before 6.45pm so we have on-time start.

If you are feeling unwell (or injured) and/or have Covid symptoms - do not attend class.


Next class is 10th Jan 2022 - have a good break, practice your forms and one-steps!

Tang Soo!


Please note our last class before Xmas & New year holiday is Monday13th Dec, we then return 10th Jan.

13th Dec - Class as normal

20th Dec - No class

27th Dec - No class

3rd Jan - No class

10th Jan - Class as normal

(Milton class is back Weds 5th Jan - all students welcome) 



Well done to all our students who all successfully graded yesterday.

We will be presenting grading certificates from 29th Nov.

You are now entitled to wear your new belt or tag.


For those students grading please arrive by 12.45pm for a prompt 1pm start on Sunday 21st Nov.

Milton Community Centre, Coles Road, Milton.

Spectators welcome.

Good luck !

Tang Soo!


Last class before grading (21Nov - 1pm Milton community centre)

If you were pre-tested last week and told to collect a grading form, you MUST return the completed form with grading fee tonight.

As a reminder, if you have not joined the DBBAI, you need to also complete the membership form and provide a photo and fee in order to grade.

8th Nov 21

Normal class tonight, but there will be some pre-testing for the grading 21st Nov (Milton).

If you are advised you are ready to grade, you will need to take a grading form home to complete and return with grading fee next week 15th Nov.

For white belts, you need to have joined the DBBAI and you will need a DBBAI badge.

19th Oct 21

Class as normal on Monday 25th Oct - we don't stop for school half term breaks

See you there.

5th Oct 21

Remember for the grading 21 Nov in addition to forms/hyungs, you need to learn and demonstrate your one steps. Practice them at home, they are listed on the training guide section of this site and everyone, regardless of rank,  should learn "White Belt to Orange Belt" techniques.  

7th Sep 21

Was good to be back last night and we had a good turn out.

Just a reminder for students, class actually starts at 6.45pm - so please ensure you arrive before this time so we can start promptly at 6.45pm. 

6th Sep  21

Hope all our students had a good summer break. We are looking forward to restarting classes on Monday 6th Sep..

Our focus on our return will be the 21st November Grading(this is in Milton)

We only have approx 10weeks to get students ready for the grading, so there will be alot of attention to Forms (Hyungs) and One-step techniques, of course we will also do sparring, self defence and bag work as well, as time allows.

We dont have long before the next grading, so any students that wish to grade either for the first time or upgrade needs to attend classes each week and put maximum effort in.

If WE dont think you are ready, you will wont grade.

We will be hitting the ground running on the 6th, so come with a postive attitude and willingness to train hard.

27th July 21

Great turn out for our last class before summer break.  For the first time since March 2020, we were able to do some partner work, one-steps (Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun) and Freefighting/sparring, a new experience for many of our students. 

26th July 21

Last class tonight before we break up for the month of August. 

20th July

August break : Historically numbers have been unstustainable during the school holiday. 

Last class at the hub will be 26th July, we Return 6th Sep

If there is enough interest we will run a couple of outside classes in August.

Students should be aiming for November grading.  

19th July 21

If you are a student with a suit, you can where a T-Shirt tonight.


16th July 21

From 19th July our classes will return back to normal as Gov restrictions will have eased and the 2M rule removed. As a result over the next few weeks we will re-introduce bag/pad work, partner one steps/self defence and sparring.

Covid is still out there and with this in mind, its really now down to individual students as to whether they wish to attend class or participate in the close contact activities (no problem to just sit these out).

We will retain existing hygiene measures and ventilation of room (we will be discontinuing temperature checks), if you feel unwell - do not train. 

For further info see 'Classes' page. 


13th July 21

Great turn our last night.

Look out for further updates around how our classes will be impacted by the easing of restrictions. 

12th July 21

Normal class tonight at the Hub.

Well done to those that graded yesterday, we will endeavour to get certificates presented from Mon 19th July.

You can now wear your new belt (or tag), please check with an instructor when you next train.

7th July 21

Great to see so many students on our first class back this week (there were 25 of us!) - we are hoping that from 19th July, rules around distancing will be realxed and we can get back to normal, in addition to the 2M rule going, it  'could' also mean we can resume other core activities such as sparring, bag work and self defense - anyway we will be keeping an eye of future announcments on this.

There is a grading on 11th July, we have 6 students from Cambourne (who have been waiting since before pandemic) looking to get their next grade, we wish them good luck.

4 JULY 21


We are looking forward to our first inside class in Cambourne since December.

On arrival you will be temperature checked as you enter main hall.

If you are a non-member of the DBBAI, we will ask you to write your name and emergency contact details as part of the registration process, this is very important as we need to ensure we have acurate info, please be patient whilst we get everyone booked in. 

While we are waiting to start, please spread out around the hall, stay distanced. Masks are NOT required to train, instructors will be wearing them before / after class.

Remember, training fees now apply. 

Class starts at 6.45PM - please come before this time, so we can start on time. 

Further details can be found in Classes and Training Fees pages. 

Finally, lets train safely and have some fun!


1 JULY 21

From 5th July - we resume weekly at the Hub at our normal time of 6.45pm and finish 8.15pm.

Please see 'Classes" for details on location and additional measures that will in place. 


If you were pre-graded & given a grading form last week for 11th July grading in Milton,  please return (with fee) on Monday 29th class, so we can process the paperwork in a timely manner. 

Reminder, this Monday is our last class outside.

From 5th July we will be inside the hub, training fees will apply and additional covid measures will in place, more details will be published here next week.


There was no break in the rain last night,  luckily it was light rain. Well done to those that trained and see you next week, which should be our last outside session.

21JUNE21 (4.30pm)

Class is on - we are going to take a chance, as there is a likely possibility of rain, but we hope there will be a break. 

Normal outside location. 


Inside classes will resume at Cambourne Hub from Monday 5th July 6.45-8.15pm (90min class)

Normal training fees apply.

There will be measures in place around distancing and hygiene and due to space limitation we will keep numbers under constant review.

More details to come. 


Looking forward to another session outside tonight at the Cambourne Cricket pavilion.

Its going to be warm, so will be important to stay hydriated, so bring some water and for students with suits (dobaks), you can choose to wear a t-shirt.


Grading confirmed 11th July - Milton community centre 1pm

For Cambourne we will have a limited number of existing students that will be eligible, that are ready and have not been able to grade since before pandemic, instructors will decide who is ready.  This will be a smaller than normal grading. 

Next full grading will be November - hopefully! 


Another great turn out for our outside class last night.

Should be back at Cricket pavilion from 14th, but please do check here first!


Change of outside venue for 7th June - see return to training for details


Date for diary, 11th July - DBBAI Grading - Milton (time / location to be confirmed)


Classes have resumed OUTSIDE in Cambourne. (The Hub is not available to hire to any groups until at least July as being used as a Covid test centre.)

New students welcome and classes outside are FREE!!

7 Years+ families welcome

See "Classes"

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The class is open to beginners, experienced martial artists, men, women and children, all students train together in a friendly and safe environment.

Instructors are fully licensed and insured, first aid trained and have a child protection policy.

Prices to train are kept to a minimum on a pay as you train basis.


All martial arts instructors at Cambourne TSD are trained to ensure that our martial arts classes are safe, effective and fun.
Our instructors and instructor assistants are trained to focus on more than just teaching martial arts skills. Instructors also learn how to work with all students, tailoring their martial arts teaching methods to fit the individual student. Emphasis is put on encouragement and positive correction.
We are committed to teaching the physical skills of martial arts while applying attitude-shaping exercises aimed at bringing out the best character and physical potential in each student. Through weekly martial arts training, instructors advance their own martial art and educational knowledge to become even more effective martial arts teachers.
The Cambourne instructors are required to maintain their personal level of martial arts knowledge and a high level of personal growth.

Simon Clarke  - 4th Dan Master


Adrian Collen - 4th Dan Master

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Richard Taylor - 4th Dan Master



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