Location : The Hub Cambourne, High St
Cambourne, Cambs, CB23 6GW

Mondays 6.45pm to 8.15pm

Turn up & train, no need to book.

See 'Training Fees'

COVID19 Measures for inside classes

Government rules have been relaxed from 19th July 2021, the key change is the lifting of the 2M social distancing rule.

As a result of this, our classes going forward will now include bag/pad work, partner one step/self defence and sparring.

Covid is still out there and with this in mind, its really now down to individual students as to whether they wish to attend class or participate in the close contact activities (no problem to just sit out).

We will try to keep a reasonable distance between students during drill work, but we will no longer practice strict 2M distance.

If you feel unwell, dont train!

What to expect

Following  warm up, Training will compose mainly of line work/drills (kicks, hand techniques and combinations), the entire class will do this.

Normally the class will split into groups based on grades to practice Hyung/Forms/Patterns last 15mins or practice partner one steps/self defence, sparring and bag/pad work