Covid-19 Update (6th Jan 2021)

Following the government covid restrictions, classes are now suspended until further notice and we will be running virtual classes.


***Based on current class sizes, we have had to take the decision to not take on any new students at this time***

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 measures will be in place and  subject to change. We ALL MUST all follow the rules.

This is subject to change, but the following provides a good indication of the changes. The following is based on rules/measures in place by the council (who own the Hub) and risk assessment by our association head  instructor (master JG Keerie).

Social distancing when entering, leaving, preparing to training and whilst training

Students/parents to stay in car park until we are ready. Each student/family/parent(s) will be directed to enter building by an instructor and will be contact-less thermometer checked.

Upon entering the hub or hall the hands sanitiser should be used, before registering/paying subs.

Once in hall student will keep 2M distance before/during class. 

We may need to reduce the number of students that can train.

We are currently exempt from the rule of 6 as we have covid measures in place to avoid households mixing.

However, we are keeping numbers under constant review as we do have space constraints with social distancing.  we may need to implement measures if we feel the class numbers are to high to safely train, this could for example be splitting the class into 2 reduced time sessions or booking places in advance to secure place. 

No new students can be accommodated at present.

Sanitisation and Ventilation

There will be a sanitisation station in the hall and near the building entrance/exit.
Windows / doors to be left open for ventilation

Additional measures/info

-Wearing of a face mask/shield is NOT required, its optional for students who wish to wear them, however all social distance rules still apply

-Refrain from all shouting / Ki-Hap either by students or by instructors

- Students to come ready to train, avoid changing on site

- Bring own drinks, water machine will be out of use

- Training will focus on line work and forms/patterns/Hyung, so no sparring or any other activity requiring close contact

- Students with symptoms should not to attend, we will be updating students contact details in case we need to report to NHS Test and Trace, we will be using a contact-less thermometer to check all students

- We will still use cash,  no plans for contactless payment at this stage 

- We have no plans to clean the training floor (its just not practical) - students may wear suitable footwear, bare foot is preferred but optional. 

- Catch coughs and sneezes 



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