DBBAI Live Virtual Classes

Until Monday 30th Nov to we will be offering FREE weekly Live virtual classes to DBBAI students, until we are back to training normally.

We have a permanent link for the virtual class: https://gotomeet.me/CambourneTangSooDo

In all cases we will open up access at 6.45pm to give time to connect and a bit of social time. Class starts at 7pm for 1 hour. 

You need a little bit of room, at least be able to take a couple of steps forward. Clothing wise, wear what ever is comfortable. We do not insist on camera's being on during training. 

You might find downloading and installing the gotomeeting app more stable than via web browser.

If you have any questions contact Master Simon Clarke : simonaclarke1968@gmail.com

General information around the training:

- There will be a warm up with cardio/stretching and then drills (kicks, punches, blocks and combinations), some static combination work and forms (subject to your own space)
- You will need enough room in front of video to take at least 2 steps.
- You will need space to your side, for example if we do round kicks.
- It’s a little less formal than a normal class

- Although my instructor licence extends to virtual classes, I take no responsibility for any damage or loss or injury, please use common sense and spatial awareness.
- All students under 16 should be supervised by an adult.
- Ensure you sure you are fit and well enough to train.



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