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When are classes?

Every Monday (except Bank Holidays & School Summer break), 6.45-815pm. 

The Hub Cambourne, High St
Cambourne, Cambs, CB23 6GW

How much are the training sessions?

We try to keep the cost of training low as this club is not run as a business but as a passion.

Please see 'Training Fees' page

Minimum child age is 7 years.

What sort of training will I perform?

Training consists of both basic and advanced techniques, including self defence, sparring and forms or hyung, advanced students are trained in weapons, which include the bo staff, dagger and sword.

Adults & children train together and typically class difficulty & intensity levels will relect this.

What should I wear and how do I join?

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing like t-shirt , tracksuit bottoms, we train bare foot.
Just turn up before the start of class, the first lesson is always free and you are under no pressure to join the club until you are sure its for you !

How long does it take to get to black belt?

There is no real answer for this, it depends on how determined you are, how many training sessions you attend, etc
We normally expect students to take a minimum of 5 years from novice to black belt.

What experience do the instructors have?

All three instructors have a minimum of 15 years TSD experience and regularly attend seminars and training weekly under Master Geoff Keerie (7th dan)


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