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We are a "not for profit club", all the instructors are volunteers, we run the clubs out of passion for Tang Soo Do,  no-one at our club or our organisation (DBBAI) profits from running our classes. Because of this we can keep our costs low and affordable.
(last update 21June2021)

  • Training fees (pay on the night - cash only) £3 for juniors, £4 senior and £5 family

  • Lifetime/one-off DBBAI membership (needed to grade) £10 per student

  • Grading fees  - for Gup Grades (i.e not black belts) £20 per student

    • We normally have approx 3 DBBAI gradings a year, normally in Milton​

  • DBBAI Badge (mandatory for grading) £4, British/Korean shoulder flash badges (optional - but expected senior ranks) £4 each (you can also get on EBay)

  • Dobak/Suit - Mandatory for Grading, we dont supply these, we can provide suggestions on where to buy online (Approx £20-£30)

  • Safety equipment for sparring, hands, feet, head protection - please ask an instructor for advice on these.

  • Student insurance - this is covered by via club training fees